How to Listen

RA_1okBut first, what is a podcast? A podcast is an audio file that you can download and/or listen on demand, whenever you want and as many times as you’d like, from your smartphone or tablet. Radio Ambulante is completely free.


RA_2okWhen you subscribe to a podcast, episodes download automatically to your smartphone. Radio Ambulante’s episodes are released on Tuesdays; once you subscribe, newly released episodes will automatically download.




To subscribe using iTunes, click here. You can also search for Radio Ambulante in the Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad.




RA_4okIf you use an Android smartphone or tablet, there are several podcasts apps available you can use (Google Play MusicStitcher, Pocket Casts, among others).



RA_5okAll these apps work in a very similar way. Type “Radio Ambulante” in the search bar, this will take you to our podcast page within the app. From there you can listen to an episode or download it to listen to it later. You can also subscribe to the podcast, this way every time there’s a new episode it will automatically download when you have an Internet connection.


RA_6okYou can also hear the show in NPR One, the free app for iPhone, Android, and Windows — just search for “Radio Ambulante.” When you listen with NPR One, you’ll also be connected to a stream of news from NPR and other podcasts, personalized for you.


RA_7okLastly, you can stream episodes on our website or from on NPR.



The illustrations were created by visual journalist Tana Oshima.

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