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Unscripted: Luis Trelles on The Importance of Being Ernesto

When Ernesto Gomez was 10 years old his Mexican parents revealed to him that not only was he adopted, but his biological parents were Puerto Rican independence fighters; his mother, Dylcia Pagan, serving a prison sentence in the US, and his father, Guillermo ‘William’ Morales, a fugitive in Cuba. Ernesto’s given name was not Ernesto either–it was Guillermo like his father’s–and he was not originally Mexican as he had believed.

Luis Trelles, a producer here at Radio Ambulante, recently produced a story in Spanish that deals with Ernesto’s journey, called La Importancia de llamarse Ernesto, so Daniel Alarcón sat down with him to get a look into how the story came to be. They discuss multiple aspects of the production process, the backgrounds of Ernesto’s biological parents, and the relevance of this story today as Puerto Rico revisits statehood amid a financial crisis and U.S.-Cuban relations begin to thaw.


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Luis Trelles and Daniel Alarcón discuss how the RA story The Importance of Being Ernesto came to be.

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