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Our team

This is the team behind Radio Ambulante:

Daniel Alarcón

Executive Producer

circletwitterbird @DanielGAlarcon

Daniel Alarcón’s books include War by Candlelight (2005) and Lost City Radio (2007), named a Best Novel of the Year by the San Francisco Chronicle and the Washington Post. His most recent novel, At Night We Walk in Circles, was a finalist for the 2014 PEN/Faulkner Award. He is a professor of Broadcast at the Columbia University School of Journalism in New York.

Carolina Guerrero


circletwitterbird @nuncaduermo

Carolina is a media entrepreneur. She's passionate about solving the problem of inequality of access, and democratizing the kinds of stories being told across the region. She has worked as a promoter for cultural and social projects, creating a bridge between organizations in her native Colombia, and public and private institutions in Latin America and the United States, designing and managing festivals and art exhibits, teaching workshops and planning fundraising events. Carolina is a John S. Knight Journalism fellow 2014/2015 at Stanford University, and lives in New York City.

Camila Segura

Managing Editor

circletwitterbird @CamilaSegura

Even though Camila has spent most of her adult life in academia, after obtaining her PhD in literature from Columbia University, she realized radio was her true passion. She has been working for years as a freelance editor and translator, and now she has joined Radio Ambulante’s team where she is closer to her real interests. Currently she lives in Bogota with her husband and daughter Carmen.

Silvia Viñas


circletwitterbird @SilviaVinas

Before joining Radio Ambulante Silvia was the Latin America Regional Editor for Global Voices. She studied literature and political science and has worked as an editor and journalist. Silvia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, from a Spanish father and a Uruguayan mother. She grew up in five Latin American countries and in Spain.

Luis Trelles


circletwitterbird @cu_bata

A journalist and filmmaker based in Puerto Rico, Luis has made documentaries for Hispanic Public Television in New York. His work as a short film screenwriter has been recognized by the Mexican Film Institute, the Puerto Rico Film Corporation and the Student Academy Awards. The Open Society Foundation recently gave him a Soros Justice Fellowship to produce a multimedia series about criminal justice in Puerto Rico.

Luis Fernando Vargas Vega


circletwitterbird @LuisVarvega

Costa Rican. As a teenager he wanted to be a philosopher, yet he became a journalist. He has written about art, music, literature, and cuisine in various Costa Rican media outlets. He reads to save himself, though he is not sure from what. His life belong to two cats, Quentin and Pelusa. He’s 20-odd years old, but many call him “Sir”: they have been very good or badly lived–the years–. He’s still undecided on that.

Laura Rojas Aponte

Program and Growth Coordinator

circletwitterbird @amarillopopis

Laura has a personal purpose: strengthening the culture of podcasting in Spanish. For years, she’s been listening to her favorite shows in the mornings, and fantasizing about the idea of everyone sharing that same experience. Her mission led her to create several programs (right now, she spends her nights producing her podcast Cosas de Internet). That purpose also led her to quit many jobs in the past, looking to get closer and closer to the podcasting world —and further apart from advertisement. Eventually, she found a place at Radio Ambulante.

Lisette Arévalo


circletwitterbird @larevalogross

Ecuadorian journalist. She was a fellow at the Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism at Columbia University, where she got her master's degree and focused on audio storytelling. Before that, she worked at Ecuadorian digital magazine GK, where she did fact-checking and wrote about gender violence and sexual and reproductive rights. She works and lives in Quito.

David Trujillo


circletwitterbird @davidtru08

He was afraid of the radio, but he let himself be taken by it. After studying journalism, he began to write in different Colombian and Latin American magazines about travel, ecology, gastronomy, culture, lifestyle, science and technology. He thought of pursuing a career in the film industry, but eventually he realized he preferred staying as a spectactor. He loves asking questions and listening to answers, so journalism has become his perfect tool to move around the world. He has been living in Bogotá for the last few years.

Victoria Estrada

Editorial Assistant

She was born and raised in the Cd. Juarez/El Paso border. She studied Hispanic Literature in Cd. Juárez and then a Masters in Translation in Mexico City. In between, she has lived in different parts of the US, Germany, and Mexico. Finally, she decided to stop looking for a career in academia and pursue radio. She currently works as a freelance translator and interns with Radio Ambulante.

Jorge Caraballo Cordovez

Engagement Editor

circletwitterbird @jorgecaraballo

Jorge is a journalist and editor. He has just completed a master's degree in Media Innovation at Northeastern University thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. He is in charge of maintaining an active (and fun) conversation with the community of Radio Ambulante on social networks and designing strategies to make this relationship more collaborative. During the few moments when he is not in front of a screen, he likes to bike, do yoga, share music by Felisa (his partner) and read books on paper, that rare and mysterious format.

Andrés López

Sound Designer

circletwitterbird @Andres_Azpiri

When he was 10 years old and heard the song “Lemon Tree," he was sure he had to dedicate his life to music. When he turned 21, he spent a year in Germany playing in different venues and recording in the same studios as his childhood heroes. Once back in Mexico, he improvised his own studio that started growing once local bands chose it to produce their albums. In 2016 he remodeled the studio and El Limonero was born, where he produces and post produces audio for bands and films.

Rémy Lozano

Sound Designer

Composer, multi instrumentalist and sound designer, Rémy has written music for advertising, TV, documentary and fiction feature films. An enthusiast of cinema, videogames and audiovisual media, he has devoted his career to creating music that helps tell stories.

Andrea López Cruzado

Fact Checker

circletwitterbird @lopezcruzado

Andrea has been living in the United States since her parents decided to emigrate from their native Peru in the mid-90s. She is a journalist and a translator with a career that spans over a decade and which has taken her from community newspapers to global companies including Dow Jones and Bloomberg News. She doesn't like to talk about personal stuff. When she needs to say something, she writes it in her blog: "Chompas en febrero". Radio Ambulante marks her debut in podcasting.

Gaby Brenes

Engagement Reporter

circletwitterbird @gabybreg

Multimedia journalist passionate about social inclusion, education and digital storytelling. She traded her career as a classical pianist to become a journalist. Somewhere in the middle, she found her tribe, Chicas Poderosas, and worked to advance the fields of immersive journalism, innovation and representation of women in media. She’s been a fellow of ICFJ, Solutions Journalism Network, URevolution and Community Solutions.

Her happy place includes a good story and a great cup of coffee.

Miranda Mazariegos

Innovation Fellow

circletwitterbird @mirimazariegos

Miranda grew up in Guatemala City and studied Journalism and Narrative Studies at the University of Southern California (USC). She likes telling stories, no matter the medium: she’s had internships at online media sites, print publications and film production companies. Her passion is writing, her dream is a book… someday. Art and exercise keep her sane; her favorite sports are karate and yoga… depending on what mood she’s in.

Barbara Sawhill

Spanish Language Education Coordinator

circletwitterbird @BSawhill

Barbara has taught languages in the United States and Colombia for over 25 years. In 2013, she began to incorporate RA’s crónicas into her teaching. Barbara knows first-hand how these stories can transform teaching and learning, and is excited to help other educators experience the same. She writes about her teaching practice on her blog, Language Lab Unleashed.

Elsa Liliana Ulloa

Multimedia Assistant

Graphic designer from Bogota, Colombia. Worked for many years as an assistant in an array of academic publications in the faculty of economics at Colombia’s National University. She is currently in charge of making the Spanish subtitles for Radio Ambulante’s episodes.