Camila Segura

Senior Editor

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Even though Camila has spent most of her adult life in academia, after obtaining her PhD in literature from Columbia University, she realized radio was her true passion. She has been working for years as a freelance editor and translator, and now she has joined Radio Ambulante’s team where she is closer to her real interests. Currently she lives in Bogota with her husband and daughter Carmen.

What is your favorite episode of Radio Ambulante?

My favorite ones are “We are Builders”, “The Contestant” y “The Survivors”.   

Which are you favorite podcasts?

This American Life, Radiolab, Planet Money, Start Up, Mystery show, Reply All, Invisibilia.  

Articles or stories for other spaces:

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Episodes produced by Camila Segura

Jumping the Wall

Is it ever OK to help someone die? Carlos Framb had to ask himself this question when his mom started to lose her desire to …

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Zero Tolerance – [Extra episode]

On June 20th, after waves of criticism, President Trump signed an executive order that appears to stops the practice of separating children from …

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On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake devastated Mexico. At press time, there are reports of 363 deaths and significant damage in …

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I’m Brown

For Marco Avilés, moving from Lima, Peru to small-town Maine was a dream come true —beautiful, verdant, calm. He was ready to make a …

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The Other, The Same

This is the story of two men with same first and last name, Eduardo Bechara, one from Colombia and the other from Argentina.

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