Dennis Maxwell


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I was born in Santiago, Chile, and I grew up dreaming about persecutions and sounds of shrapnel. The first significant present I received as a boy was a camera, and at that moment I began to dedicate myself to capturing images. Later on, I started telling stories. I traveled to California following promises of gold. After working in a hundred different fields, I studied film. Some years ago, I stumbled upon radio, we liked each other, and since then I use sound to tell the stories that follow me.

What is your favorite episode of Radio Ambulante?

There are various episodes that I like a lot, but if I had to choose one in particular, it would be “El otro, el mismo.” That story is unbelievable, full of surprising details, and it has a lot of humor. It is one of those stories that is difficult to believe because of the incredible coincidences it recounts.

Which are you favorite podcasts?

Difficult question. I think playing on words and washing dishes.

Stories you have produced in other spaces

“Soccer match that disgraced Chile recalled 40 years later”



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