Luis Trelles

Producer and Editor

circletwitterbird @cu_bata

I’ve always worked with one foot in films and the other in journalism.  I’ve done a lot of different things for the screen, from documentaries to writing feature films.  As a journalist, I’ve worked in several Puerto Rican newspapers and magazines, until I started collaborating with Radio Ambulante and became obsessed with the idea of producing radio stories with this team.

I live in San Juan with Lucienne, my girlfriend, and our daughter Jimena.

What is your favorite episode of Radio Ambulante?

There’s a bunch of them!  “N.N. (Ningún Nombre)”, “El otro, el mismo”, “Crudo Ecuador” and “La concursante”, just to mention a few.

Which are you favorite podcasts?

Masacote con Chente Ydrach, You Must Remember This, This American Life, Radiolab, Reply All, 99% Invisible, Serial

What is your best talent?

My ability to drink a glass of water while lying down.  My girlfriend says that the things I can do in a horizontal position are amazing, like writing Radio Ambulante scripts and editing audio.

Stories you have produced in other spaces

Los frikis”, para Radiolab

Havana’s death metal pioneers” para The World de PRI,

Metiendo caña” para 80 Grados,

Elusive Pandemic”, para HITN New York,

Haití: La mirada oculta de Maya Deren”,  Periódico Diálogo 

“Omar Banuchi Finds His Niche In The Puerto Rican Web”, Global Voices


Episodes produced by Luis Trelles


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The Sentence

Juliana Deguis never left the country of her birth. But one day, the Supreme Court declared her an immigrant. You can read a Spanish  …

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Welcome to the Jungle

Alexis Figueroa is willing to do the unthinkable to get a celebrity’s autograph. In this episode, we follow him as he attempts to …

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When Havana was Friki

Listening to metal probably wasn’t a big deal in most Latin American cities in the 1980s and 90s. But in Havana, it was …

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The Family of the Millennium

Angie Acosta never imagined she would spend 15 years fighting to be recognized as her daughter’s mother. Read the Spanish transcript …

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The recent protests in Guatemala managed to kick the president out of office. But in the beginning no one thought that the movement would go …

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