Silvia Viñas

Producer and Editor

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Before joining Radio Ambulante as an editor and producer, Silvia was the Latin American Regional Editor for Global Voices Online, an international community of bloggers and translators who translate and report on citizen media around the world. Silvia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, from a Spanish father and a Uruguayan mother. She grew up in five Latin American countries and in Spain. In her free time she reads, takes pictures, cooks, and listens to way too many podcasts. She currently lives in the UK with her husband Daniel and their children Elisa and Santiago.

Which is your favorite Radio Ambulante episode?

It’s hard to pick just one. My favorite are Nohemí, N.N, and La concursante.

Which are your favorite podcasts?

This American Life, Radiolab, On the Media, ReplyAll, Startup, Mystery Show, Serial, Slate’s Double X Podcast, Longform, Invisibilia, Snap Judgement, HowSound…I could go on!

Stories you have produced in other spaces

Piñera’s Twittering Cabinet, The Pulse

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Episodes produced by Silvia Viñas

Zero Tolerance – [Extra episode]

On June 20th, after waves of criticism, President Trump signed an executive order that appears to stops the practice of separating children from …

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It was the State

Since 2000, more than a hundred journalists have been killed in Mexico. 2017 set a record, with 12 deaths. Journalist Anabel Hernández knows …

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Behind the Wall

Sodalitium Christiane Vitae, an ultraconservative Catholic organization also known as the Sodalicio, was founded in 1971, in Peru. Its mission was to train …

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After her parents divorced, and her father moved from Mexico to Arizona, Fernanda began thinking of living in the United States. When she …

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On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake devastated Mexico. At press time, there are reports of 363 deaths and significant damage in …

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I’m Brown

For Marco Avilés, moving from Lima, Peru to small-town Maine was a dream come true —beautiful, verdant, calm. He was ready to make a …

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Newly Arrived

In this story we go inside Oakland International High School, a school for foreign students who have recently arrived to the United States.

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Correa vs Crudo

The strange story of a virtual fight between the creator of a Facebook page and the President of Ecuador  –a fight that became too …

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The Castaway

Salvador Alvarenga pulled off the impossible. Read the complete transcript in Spanish here. Read the English translation here.

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The Correspondent

For two years Alberto Arce was the only international correspondent based in Honduras. He says that’s where he became a journalist …

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