Our Apparent Surrender: Conversation with Lolita Bosch

Our Apparent Surrender: Conversation with Lolita Bosch


Radio Ambulante presents a conversation between Executive Producer Daniel Alarcón and award-winning writer Lolita Bosch.

Lolita was born in Barcelona but considers Mexico home. She describes herself as a “literary project in progress.” Her writing has exposed the transformative power literature can have in politics.

In 2010, she sent a letter to her friends and acquaintances inviting them to help create a critical and rigorous project to protest the national insecurity facing Mexico. As a result, they created a website called Nuestra aparente rendición. Lolita has directed this peace project that unites voices from Mexico and Latin American that demand a solution to the violence plaguing the region.

NOTE: Nuestra aparente rendición is raising money in a crowdfunding campaign. To make a donation visit their page on Goteo.org.

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Producer: Silvia Viñas
Assistant producer: Diana Buendía
Thanks to Laurie Ignacio for production help
Recorded at WGBH Boston
Photo: David Campos

Read the transcript in Spanish here.


Silvia Viñas