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Instruments of War

Christian Martinez and his bandmates were used to being stopped by guerrilla or paramilitary soldiers on the road. But one night, after playing a gig, they came to a checkpoint, and this time they were told to get off the bus. What happened next was something they swore to keep secret for years.

Producer: Jennifer Dunn
Editors: Camila Segura, Silvia Viñas, Martina Castro, Daniel Alarcón
Sound design: Martina Castro, Jennifer Dunn
Photo: Natalia Mon, Creative Commons license

Read the complete transcript in Spanish here. / Read the English translation here.

An English-language version of this story was originally released by Snap Judgment. Click here to listen.

To hear more music by Christian Martinez, visit his Soundcloud page.

Click here to watch a video with the audio and Spanish subtitles. / Haz click aquí para ver un video del audio con subtítulos en español.

Read the English subtitles for this story in the following video:


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