The Beast: Conversation with Oscar Martínez

The Beast: Conversation with Oscar Martínez

Radio Ambulante presents a conversation between Executive Producer Daniel Alarcón and the Salvadoran journalist Oscar Martínez of El Faro, one of the most important independent media outlets in Central America. Several years ago, Oscar began investigating the odyssey of Central American migrants who pass through Mexico to reach the United States. During eight trips, he collected their stories of abuse, violence and cruelty. In 2010, he published his chronicles from El Faro in a book entitled “Los migrantes que no importan,” or “The migrants who do not matter.” Last year the book was published in English with another title, “The Beast,” the name of the train migrants ride to get through Mexico.
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Warning: Parts of this conversation deal with sexual violence.
Produced by Daniel Alarcón
Sound design by Martina Castro
Special thanks to Diana Buendía, Claire Mullen,
Silvia Viñas & Laurie Ignacio for production help
Recorded at KALW San Francisco
Photo: Verso Books

Read the transcript in Spanish here. 


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