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Translation by Patrick Moseley [Daniel Alarcón, host]: Many of you have asked us how you can support Radio Ambulante. There are

After her parents divorced, and her father moved from Mexico to Arizona, Fernanda began thinking of living in the United

[Daniel Alarcón, host]: Many of you have asked us how you can support Radio Ambulante. There are many ways. If

Sometimes you feel your world is ending. You can read a Spanish transcript of the episode, it’s useful if you’re learning the

  Translated by Patrick Moseley [Daniel Alarcón, host]:  Hey, before we start, we need your help. We want to use your questions

Antonio Romo Reyes grew up in a complicated neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, dreaming of becoming a soldier. As a

Translated by Patrick Moseley [Guy Raz]: Hey, it’s Guy Raz here, host of How I Built This, with a quick recommendation.

In the second part of this series, we explore the efforts of Francisco González and his foundation, Armando Armero, to

Translation by Patrick Moseley  [Joshua Johnson, host 1A]: Where can we debate today’s big issues without getting attacked for speaking online?

In November 1985, a volcanic eruption swept through the Colombian town of Armero and buried it under tons of rocks

  [Guy Raz, host Wow in the World]: Hi, I’m Guy Raz! [Mindy Thomas, host Wow in the World]: And I’m Mindy

Victor Basterra was in a clandestine government prison when he was given a choice: work or die. He chose to

Translation by Patrick Moseley [Radio announcer]: Hey, I want to recommend another NPR podcast to you: Embedded, hosted by Kelly McEvers.

In Peru, a country where public institutions are suspected -and often guilty- of corruption, firefighters are among the most valued

For more than 50 years, Cubans had the doors open to enter the United States. That changed earlier this year,

Translation by Patrick Moseley  [Daniel Alarcón, host]:  An announcement: If you’re in New York, join us on October 26 for a