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‘The Devil Underground’: Inside Colombia’s Gold Wars

Daniel Alarcón talks to journalist Nadja Drost about her investigation of a deadly conflict between armed groups seeking to control a gold mine in a lawless Colombian town.

Her investigative piece, “The Devil Underground,” was published by The Atavist late last year and is also available as a Kindle Single.

Nadja Drost is a multimedia journalist based in Bogotá, Colombia. She produced an award-winning Spanish language radio story for Radio Ambulante called “N.N (No Name)“, about a town’s relationship with the nameless dead bodies -victims of Colombia’s armed conflict- that wash up from the Magdalena River.

Interview: Daniel Alarcón
Production and sound design: Silvia Viñas
Assistant producer: Diana Buendía
Photo: Statue in the plaza of Segovia, a gold-mining town. © Nadja Drost


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