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The Soldier And The Lieutenant

For many Argentines the Falklands War is a chapter in history that they would rather forget. But for two combatants it was the beginning of …

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The Judge

What happens when a centuries old justice system confronts XXI century problems in one of the world’s most violent countries? Read the full Spanish …

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The Son

It’s never easy to break with your parents’ world view. Especially when they are willing to die for it. Read the Spanish transcript …

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The Hospital

The Hospital San Juan de Dios was closed to the public in 2001. So why do some workers still go every day? Read the …

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The Family of the Millennium

Angie Acosta never imagined she would spend 15 years fighting to be recognized as her daughter’s mother. Read the Spanish transcript …

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240 Birds

Juan Pablo Culasso was born blind, but he sees things others never would. Read the complete Spanish transcript here. Read the complete English …

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The Death of Facundo Cabral

Almost five years ago, on July 9, 2011, the Argentine singer-songwriter Facundo Cabral was murdered on a desolate early morning street in Guatemala City. This …

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