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Zero Tolerance – [Extra episode]

On June 20th, after waves of criticism, President Trump signed an executive order that appears to stops the practice of separating children from …

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Creating a Monster

No one said fatherhood would be easy. For Santiago Rocagliolo, perhaps the most difficult thing has been realizing how similar his son is to him, …

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Peru, the Champion

After 36 years of waiting, Peru qualified again for the FIFA World Cup. The road was full of last-minute draws, epic comebacks and a …

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Alias el Cóndor

Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro. September 3th, 1989. The Chilean soccer team was playing a crucial match against Brazil to earn a …

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The Sentence

Juliana Deguis never left the country of her birth. But one day, the Supreme Court declared her an immigrant. You can read a Spanish  …

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Narco Tours

Pablo Escobar died 25 years ago in Medellín, Colombia. Today, despite the suffering he caused, at least 15 tours designed around his life are offered …

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The Lost Colony

In the mid 50s, a failed experiment in Brazil led to “killer bees” that took over Latin America. Four decades later these bee colonies …

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Nohemí was taken from her home when she was just a girl, and sent to work as domestic employee for an upper-middle class family …

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Sign Here

Many migrants awaiting asylum hearings in the US have a difficult choice: they can stay in detention as their case makes its way through …

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I’m not your Joke

Soldado Micolta is one of the most recognizable characters of the popular Colombian TV show Sábados Felices. He’s is every negative Afro-Colombian stereotype rolled …

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