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The recent protests in Guatemala managed to kick the president out of office. But in the beginning no one thought that the movement would go …

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The Orphans

Two children find themselves in a country they don’t know, surrounded by strangers who speak a language they barely understand. They have no choice but …

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Postcard from San Salvador

In El Salvador, gangs snuff out a small act of self-expression. Read the transcript in Spanish here. / Read the English translation …

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Instruments of War

Christian Martinez and his bandmates were used to being stopped by guerrilla or paramilitary soldiers on the road. But one night, after playing a gig, …

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The Plan

Maria Clara Ramos for years had prepared herself mentally to face an attack. Until one day she had to live through a real one. Interview: …

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The Superhero

There’s a new superhero in Argentina. His name is Menganno and his superpower is drawing attention to himself. Reporting: Agustina Grasso Editing and production …

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