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The Escuela of Radio Ambulante is an online space in Spanish for learning how to identify, record, produce and share audio stories.

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The Importance of Being Ernesto

Ernesto Gómez grew up like any other Mexican kid in Chihuahua. But when he turned 10 years old, he had to confront a hidden past that put his...

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The Plan

Maria Clara Ramos for years had prepared herself mentally to face an attack. Until one day she had to live through a real one. Interview: Carolina...

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The Superhero

There’s a new superhero in Argentina. His name is Menganno and his superpower is drawing attention to himself. Reporting: Agustina Grasso Editing...

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The Coyote

Carlos makes a living by taking migrants from Central America to the Mexican border with the United States. He’s what’s called a...

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