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Man vs. Machine

Dennis tells his mom everything. EVERYTHING.   You can read a Spanish transcript of the episode. You can also read an English translation.

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Temporary Permanence

Anamer left Venezuela as so many others have: fleeing seemingly intractable economic and political crises. She arrived in Peru and, unlike Venezuelan migrants to other …

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The Soldier And The Lieutenant

For many Argentines, the Falklands War is a chapter in history that they would rather forget. But for two combatants it was the beginning of …

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Mais Médicos

Every year, Cuba sends doctors across the world on humanitarian missions. They help with earthquakes, hurricanes, epidemics… and also assist poor and vulnerable communities.

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The Longest Night [Part 1]

On November 6th, 1985, the M-19 guerrilla laid siege to Colombia’s Palace of Justice. The police and the army reacted quickly, and for 28 hours …

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Tell Me Who I Am

Osmin Tobar was seven years old when he was separated from his mother, without even having a chance to say goodbye. For years, …

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Postville, Iowa

On May 12, 2008, the quiet little town of Postville, Iowa, changed forever. That day, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) carried out one of …

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The Son

It’s never easy to break with your parents’ world view. Especially when they are willing to die for it. You can read a …

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Kenia has only happy memories of her early childhood. She lived with her mom, older sister and her aunt in a small Manhattan …

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