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Radio Ambulante is an NPR podcast that tells uniquely Latin American stories.

How do you know if a death was caused by a natural disaster? You can read a Spanish transcript of the episode. You can

[Daniel Alarcón, host]: Hello, Ambulantes, one little thing before we start. Many of you have told us that it’s time

[Carlos Framb]: One day I opened the door and I heard her crying, alone in her  bed. [Daniel Alarcón, host]:

Is it ever OK to help someone die? Carlos Framb had to ask himself this question when his mom started

The San Juan de Dios hospital was closed to the public in 2001. So, why do some workers still go

[Daniel Alarcón, host]: Welcome to Radio Ambulante from NPR. I’m Daniel Alarcón. Today we go back to our archive with a

Joel Padrón needed money and he needed it fast. It was 2015 and the financial crisis in Venezuela had reached

For many Argentines, the Falklands War is a chapter in history that they would rather forget. But for two combatants

Transcript Translated by Patrick Moseley [Daniel Alarcón, host]: Why should you listen to Radio Ambulante? For the stories we bring you every week.

Yes. Well, uh, I still hear, well, what they call "tiroteos", gunshots. At all hours of the day. It doesn't

In the internet age, getting, downloading, and sharing pictures, information, videos or music is so simple that almost everyone sees

Transcript Translated by: Patrick Moseley. [Daniel Alarcón, host]: Hey, Ambulantes: Our live shows are just around the corner. Do you have your

  [Daniel Alarcón, host]: One small thing before we get stared: I want to ask you a big favor. This is

No one said fatherhood would be easy. For Santiago Rocagliolo, perhaps the most difficult thing has been realizing how similar