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The Hospital

The San Juan de Dios hospital was closed to the public in 2001. So, why do some workers still go there every day? You can read …

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Translation – The Hospital

[Daniel Alarcón, host]: Welcome to Radio Ambulante from NPR. I’m Daniel Alarcón. Today we go back to our archive with …

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Goodbye, Bolívar

Joel Padrón needed money and he needed it fast. It was 2015 and the financial crisis in Venezuela had reached alarming levels. Joel was a …

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The Soldier And The Lieutenant

For many Argentines, the Falklands War is a chapter in history that they would rather forget. But for two combatants it was the beginning of …

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Sharing is not a Crime

In the internet age, getting, downloading, and sharing pictures, information, videos or music is so simple that almost everyone sees it as …

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