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Episode 28

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In the Delta

The wetlands of the Tigre delta, in Argentina, form part of one of the most beautiful and delicate ecosystems in the region. However, its proximity to Buenos Aires, just one hour away, means the area also experiences some of the fastest real estate development in the country. Dozens of apartments and luxury condominiums emerge overnight, settling close to humble communities that have lived on the river bank for decades. Can these traditional people coexist peacefully with the newcomers?

You can read a Spanish transcript of the episode, it’s useful if you’re learning the language with this podcast. You can also play this video, where you can listen to the story and read the transcript at the same time. 

Or you can also read an English translation: We want you to fully understand our podcast.

This episode was produced by reporter Gilda Di Carli thanks to a collaboration between Radio Ambulante, CorrectIV, and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism’s Postgraduate Energy and Environment Reporting Project.

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In this region water is a luxury for some and a threat to others. Until when?

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